How did the Bible get to be the Bible? What does “Bible” mean? Can you count on the authority of the Scriptures? Can you personally experience the power of prayer? Join the Frontier family to be encouraged by prayer and empowered by the word of God as you participate in an honest, transparent, and open discussion about biblical principles.  


What is Kingdom Authority? Who and what will you find in God’s Kingdom. What does Kingdom authority mean to you as a Christian? Join the Frontier family  and be encouraged  as we participate in honest, transparent, and open discussions about God’s KingdomCome excited  as we learn about the authority given to us as Sons of God in His Kingdom.


Do you know what you believe? Are you able  to defend your beliefs? Apollos was an astute disciple of God’s word and s a result, he was able to defend the very existence of Christ.  Come and join us in this series as we learn what it takes to become a student of the word that is able to accurately defend the truths of the bible.

IV. bible_study

Do you have unanswered questions about the bible? Do you know what you believe? Be sure to join us every 1st Wednesday as Pastor Steve tackles some of today’s most relative topics in Christianity.  Learn new and exciting truths within God’s word.  Gain a better understanding and acquire life-changing skills for using and applying God’s word.
    Session Two                                
In Session Two of the Core series, Pastor Steve gives insight into the core principles of our faith. If you are a new believer wanting to know more about your faith or a mature Christian that enjoys learning more about the word of God, this is the series for you.  Be prepared to learn more than you have ever learned before. Join us and grow to the next level in your walk with God!